Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Wow, time flies when you break your promise of updating :)

Happy Holidays everyone! I'm here today to tell you that this will be my last post for a while. I've become very busy with shooting & editing videos for WDWNTube & Orlando Attractions that I just never have the time to update. I'm not going to delete this, though, as I want people to be able to look back and be inspired in the future. I will continue to pop in and update every now and then whenever something of importance happens.

My personal weightloss did hit a bit of a snag the past several months. As I was spending time in the parks shooting video and editing, I gained about 10 pounds back. I'm still under 300 at 296 lbs., but that's what happens when you stop paying attention. It's my own fault, but the good thing is that it can be fixed. My New Year's resolution is to continue losing weight, and again, I will periodically update you all throughout the year.

I'm honored that over at Orlando Attractions Magazine, my story ended up being the #5 and #1 most read story of 2010! They were the first to write about my weightloss journey, and also the first to report when I first rode the attraction. You can read about the top 10 most read stories of 2010 here:

Thank you everyone who have and continue to support me. I'm sorry for not updating more regularly. A lot of you follow this to help motivate yourselves, and I feel I'm letting you down. Since I am not updating very often though, I would like to make you all an offer. If you have any questions about Potter, losing weight, or anything in general, please feel free to email me or friend me on Facebook & Twitter! My information is below. I look forward to seeing what 2011 will bring, and I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Here's a look at one of the videos I shot & edited the last several months.


Question of the day: What was your favorite memory of 2010?


  1. Wow has it really been that long? I guess I'm in the same boat with how fast time can sail by you. I've put a couple of pounds back on myself but I seem to be maintaining fairly well. Gaining only 3-4 lbs in as many months isn't too bad right? I guess I just have to keep it from getting out of control again.

    I'd like to see some of those video shoots if they're ever published online. Congratulations on your weight loss so far and here's to shedding more pounds in 2011!

    I think my favorite memory of 2010 was when my husband and I went to Disney a couple of weeks ago. It was our first trip back since my kidney stone was removed and I'd lost some weight. I was so happy to be able to walk around the parks and stand in lines without pain. I didn't even need to sit down at the end of the day for the fireworks show at Epcot! Small victories are awesome!

    Have a wonderful New Year Banks!

  2. I've been following your story with admiration. Keep up the good work! The video was lovely - it gave me chills as I watched it. You're very good! Thank you for sharing! Best wishes for the new year!
    - Daisy in Arizona