Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Wow, time flies when you break your promise of updating :)

Happy Holidays everyone! I'm here today to tell you that this will be my last post for a while. I've become very busy with shooting & editing videos for WDWNTube & Orlando Attractions that I just never have the time to update. I'm not going to delete this, though, as I want people to be able to look back and be inspired in the future. I will continue to pop in and update every now and then whenever something of importance happens.

My personal weightloss did hit a bit of a snag the past several months. As I was spending time in the parks shooting video and editing, I gained about 10 pounds back. I'm still under 300 at 296 lbs., but that's what happens when you stop paying attention. It's my own fault, but the good thing is that it can be fixed. My New Year's resolution is to continue losing weight, and again, I will periodically update you all throughout the year.

I'm honored that over at Orlando Attractions Magazine, my story ended up being the #5 and #1 most read story of 2010! They were the first to write about my weightloss journey, and also the first to report when I first rode the attraction. You can read about the top 10 most read stories of 2010 here:

Thank you everyone who have and continue to support me. I'm sorry for not updating more regularly. A lot of you follow this to help motivate yourselves, and I feel I'm letting you down. Since I am not updating very often though, I would like to make you all an offer. If you have any questions about Potter, losing weight, or anything in general, please feel free to email me or friend me on Facebook & Twitter! My information is below. I look forward to seeing what 2011 will bring, and I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Here's a look at one of the videos I shot & edited the last several months.


Question of the day: What was your favorite memory of 2010?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fantastic News!

I got word from a comment posted on one of my previous entries that Forbidden Journey has finally added modified seating to its ride vehicles! Only a handful of vehicles have added these seats, and the modified seats are on the far right & left of the vehicle. The test seats have also been modified to display a color when trying them out. After pulling the restraint down, if you get a red light, that means you cannot ride. If you get a yellow light, that means you can fit into the modified seat. Green light means you can ride in any seat.

To me, this is fantastic news! Even though I have lost the weight to get the three clicks in a regular seat, I'm still at a size where it depends on how hard the ride attendant pushes the restraint. There can be times where I can ride it, and then I'll get back in line and not be able to ride. These new modified seats, I'm hoping, will guarantee that I will ride everytime. Also, for a lot of guests who couldn't fit before, this gives them a reason to come back and try again, and hopefully be able to ride!

I am going to go to Potter tomorrow to test out these modified seats myself, and will update this entry tomorrow night with information on how the seats worked out.

Edit: Decided to head out there today and test out the modified seats, and let me tell you, they are a much needed addition to Forbidden Journey! Let me explain the process of riding in a test seat. At the entrance to the ride, and right before the loading area, there are test seats. Used to be every person had to get three clicks in order to ride, and the restraint was not very forgiving for larger guests.

Now, with the addition of the modified seats, the test seat process has changed. When you sit down, there are three lights next to you; red, yellow, and green. As I stated earlier in the post, red=no ride, yellow=modified seat, and green=sit anywhere. If you get yellow and need a modified seat, once you get to the part before the loading platform where the second test seat is, the attendant will put you in the middle line, which is reserved for guests needing the modified seat.

Since there are only around 8 vehicles that currently have modified seating, you have to wait for one to come around. Once it does come you go to the loading platform, and choose either of the outside seats. The two middle seats are not modified. You still need three clicks to be able to ride, but they are now much easier to get, especially with the little extra room you have in the seat.

For the first time since the ride opened, I was able to get three clicks by myself. Granted, it was a modified seat, but it still felt good to not have to ask the attendant to push as hard as they can to make me fit. I'm actually very glad I was able to achieve my weight loss goal of fitting into a regular seat before they added modified seats. I may have stopped dieting if they had them to begin with. Luckily, though, since I've been losing weight for three months I can continue to lose weight. I will not stop!

The best part about the modified seats is how successful they are! Since they started using them yesterday, September 10, only 1 guests has been told they couldn't ride because of size, when a week ago maybe 50 or 60 guests in the same timespan would be turned away! I honestly believe that if you have tried riding Forbidden Journey and couldn't fit this summer, you should plan on coming back and trying again, because chances are that you will be able to experience Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey!

Question of the day: Now that modified seating has been added to Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey, will those of you who have tried in the past come back and try again?

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Experience

As you all may or may not know, on August 27 I was finally able to ride Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey after nearly 3 months of exercise and watching what I eat. I have been getting a lot of words of congratulations, and also a lot of people asking how it was, did I like it, and was it worth it. In short, my answers are amazing, yes, and YES!!! I will now go through my experience and thoughts on riding Forbidden Journey.

Beware! There be SPOILERS AHEAD!

So some friends and I made a visit to the Wizarding World this past Friday morning. They were all saying that this would be the day I ride, but I was sure I hadn't lost enough weight yet (also didn't want to get my hopes up and then be disappointed if I hadn't of fit). We wait in the 20 minute line (Yep, it's the slow season!) and we get to the loading platform. It's me, Matt and Zach in an enchanted bench together. Matt takes the far left seat, I'm right next to him, and Zach takes the far right seat. I sit down and pull down on the restraint and get my one click that I can get by myself. A female attendant comes over and pushes down to get the second click. It happens. In order to try and get the third and final click, she calls a male attendant over. I really wish I could remember his name. I tell him to push as hard as he can, and he obliges. He gives the restraint one big shove, no click. I start getting worried. He rears back, gives it one more big It was as if time had slowed down for that third click. I could hear it echoing in my head. I threw my hands in the air triumphantly, and throughout the entire loading area all you could hear was my voice screaming "YES!!!!!" Cheers and applause came from my friends in the bench behind us. I was on cloud 9 at this point. I was finally about to get to experience this amazing attraction I had heard so many great things about. The loading platform is very long, and the whole time we were traveling down before the ride portion I was laughing and screaming, just so excited that I was able to accomplish my I set out to do.

We finally get going in the ride, and it was phenomenal! I do not want to do a scene-by-scene description of the ride and spoil everything, but I will talk about a couple of parts of the ride I was most impressed/scared of. First off, the transitions between scenes are seemless! Very well done! Now there are some scary parts to this ride, and boy are they scary! I had heard that things get close to you, but I never realized just how close they got. SPOILER! When you come across the Whomping Willow and it starts swinging its branched at you, it really comes close to hitting you. So close you could probably kick it if you had long legs! It's pretty freaky! Also, the Dementors are the scariest thing I think I've ever experience in an attraction. When they come at you they really come at you, and it nearly gave me several heart attacks. Just be wary of that if you have children that want to ride, it can get pretty scary in there!

After getting off the ride I was just overcome with emotion. I had to keep laughing and smiling to keep from crying with happiness that I accomplished my goal. I went and bought the picture first thing, and saw my friend Jessie working at Filch's. She has been rooting for me to get on the ride, and as soon as she saw me she knew what had happened. She gave me a big hug and congratulated me, at that point I started tearing up. From there we enjoyed the rest of the park and went on our way.

Overall, this attraction is AMAZING!!! I actually had a tough time deciding where on my all time favorite attraction list this would go. I am a HUGE Twilight Zone Tower of Terror fan, and that attraction is number one on my list. But, Forbidden Journey nearly knocked it down to number two. I really had to think about it, but Tower is remaining at number one just because of the childhood memories I have of it, and all the knowledge I have as well. However, Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey is right behind it at number two. It is my favorite non-Disney attraction ever though! I cannot say enough good things about it, and cannot wait to ride it again and again!

I've had several people ask what's going to happen to the blog now that I got on the ride. The answer is nothing! I'm going to continue posting on here, because I'm not stopping my weight loss! My new goal is to get down to 250 lbs, after that I want to see if I can possibly get the three clicks by myself without help. I will continue posting about my experiences at Potter, because I plan on riding it many times!

I do want to thank every single one of you for believing in me and giving me all the words of encouragement and love! Without your support I may not have been able to do this, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Question of the day: If you have gotten the chance of riding Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey, what are your thoughts on the attraction?

Friday, August 27, 2010


I finally got three clicks today and rode Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey!!!!!! I will post my thoughts on the ride in detail later tonight/tomorrow, but for now just take a look at the on-ride picture. I feel so amazing right now!

Edit: Thank you everyone for all your congrats and well wishes! I am still on cloud 9 right now about getting to ride Forbidden Journey! I am still planning on doing a full report on my experience and what happened, but this weekend has been a busy one for me. Expect me to post my review sometime tomorrow morning (Monday) before I go to work.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Healthy Future

Spaceship Earth gave me a look at my future in health! Maybe one day it will be this easy.

Things are moving forward. Really starting to feel better, both mentally & physically! Gonna try to ride Forbidden Journey again next Friday when some friends of mine come into town for WDWNT: The Weekend. Will update everyone on how it goes on my Twitter and Facebook!

This past week I also won a free 2GB iPod Shuffle at work! It has been the perfect thing to take on my walks. Really glad I got it!

Question of the day: What do you like to take on walks?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I recently made a trip over to Universal this past weekend to attend a taping of Family Feud. I met up with some friends and we decided to hit up Islands of Adventure before the taping. We didn't go to Potter, but we did ride Hulk & Dr. Doom. With Hulk, I have to sit in the modified seat, and with the seats on both Hulk and Doom, I've always had to wiggle my butt to slide into the seat, as my hips were too big. Well when I went to sit down on Hulk, I was amazed to find that I fit just right in the seat, no wiggle required! Same thing went for Doom, sat right down with no problem! Both restraints also have to have a seat belt buckled, and I was able to buckle them with no assistance for the first time in a while! So progress is being made, ladies & gentlemen!

Question of the day: If you have attended a taping of Family Feud at Universal this summer, or have seen the previews on their YouTube, what do you think of Steve Harvey as the new host? Personally, I like him! He is very funny during and between tapings.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two Milestones!

Two great things have happened the past several days! First, when I went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter this past Saturday for a local Tweetup, I was able to get one click of the restraint at Forbidden Journey BY MYSELF for the first time!!! Usually I had to have the attendants push to get that first click, so what a great feeling it was to be able to pull down and get it myself! Still had to have help getting the second click, and could not get the third click, but this is definitely progress! Here is a picture of me in the ride vehicle after getting that one click by myself! Picture is courtesy of Matt Roseboom from Orlando Attractions Magazine.

The second milestone comes in my end of the month weigh-in. As you recall at the end of June I weighed 305 lbs. As of this morning, I am at 299 lbs! That is another 6 lbs that I've lost, 12 since I started the blog. What makes this a milestone for me is the fact that I haven't weighed under 300 lbs in several years. I am so grateful for all of your support! Without you, the supporters and followers, I may have quit weeks ago. It's been hard, I get cravings all the time, especially where I work. But it's your constant love and motivation that is keeping me going, and to that I say Thank You.

Press is starting to pick up again for this blog. A couple of local NBC affiliates in Florida ran the story, and now I'm hearing word of others in Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Los Angeles running the story. Even MSNBC featured this in the Travel section! So to all the new readers and followers I've gotten as of late, welcome!

Question of the day/Shameless Plug of the day: Are you a Disney fan? You should check out! It's a great site that covers all of what's happening at the Walt Disney World Resort. I actually work there as a Reporter, and am also one of the co-hosts for the WDW News Today Podcast, which you can subscribe to on iTunes. Check us out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still Here!

Apologies for not posting in a long time! I'm not very good at this blogging gig, and I apologize to everyone who is checking daily for new posts. I will try to post more often, but with work and walking in the parks, I'm just so doggone tired when I get home. I will post a more detailed entry in the next day, so please stay tuned! A lot of interesting things happening that I want to talk about!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 35 - 7/9/10

Hope everyone had a fun & safe 4th of July! Sorry for the lack of posts, this past week has been a busy one for me! Started my job at M&M's World in The Florida Mall. I work Monday-Thursday 1-9:30 PM every week. If anyone finds themselves at the mall those times, stop by and say hello!

Monday morning I did my interview for Fox & Friends on Fox News Channel. The interview went great! I'm very thankful to everyone at Fox News for contacting me about my story, and am glad that word is really getting out. If you didn't catch the interview, you can watch it below at the end of the post!

I've also been busy working on a big video for the WDWNT Network. It's their 3rd Anniversary look back, and it's over an hour long! I will link everyone to the video when I'm finished with it.

As usual, walking and swimming everyday! Right now is the perfect time to go swimming, it always feels so refreshing to get in the pool.

Question of the day: What's your favorite (past or present) type of M&M?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day everyone! I'm gonna spend the day today at a friend's place behind Magic Kingdom from 2 PM till midnight. It's gonna be fun!

So Here is my weigh-in for the month of June. When I started I weighted 311 lbs. As of last night, I weigh 305 lbs. Only lost 6 pounds, but it's still a start! The best news is that my pant size went down! I used to have a size 48 waist, but when I went shopping for some new pants for work, I found a 48 to be a bit big, and ended up getting a size 46! Woo! Slowly but surely!

Tomorrow morning (July 5) I will be a guest on the show Fox and Friends over at the Fox News Channel! I'm gonna be talking all about this blog, how it came to be, and my weight loss. I invite everyone to tune in, it will be at 7:30 AM EST on Fox News Channel.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July holiday! Have fun and be safe!

Question of the day: What are you doing (or did) for the 4th of July today?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 25 - 6/29/10

It is hot! Orlando has been getting near record highs everyday the past week. It certainly does make my walks through the parks a little unbearable, coupled with the fact that the summer crowds are in full swing, so it's hard to walk around without bumping into others or getting caught in a large crowd. Though once I'm done walking and get back to the apartment and start swimming, it definitely is a refreshing experience. Ahhh!

I've stopped doing the Slim Fast plan. Been reading a lot of comments here that that is not the best way to go. A lot of you have been suggesting new methods, and trust me, I've been reading every one of them. Trying to decide what I'll do, but for the moment, I'm just watching what I eat and how much I eat.

Seems like this blog is getting more and more attention everyday. I was contacted by Jimmy Kimmel Live about my story, but ultimately they decided it wouldn't be right for the show, which I understand. It's still a big honor just to be considered. I'm actually talking to someone right now from one of the major cable news networks, but I'll give more info on that when I can.

If you go to my website,, and click the Blog section, you can see some of the many websites that have written/mentioned me and my blog. Like I've said in the previous posts, I love all the supports and kind words I've been getting. You are helping me to continue and not give up!

As you may or may not know, I work for an online Disney fan site called WDW News Today (, where I am one of the co-hosts for their podcast. Tomorrow night I will actually be a guest on their online talk show See Ya Real Late with Tom Corless. It is a late night Disney talk show over at, and it starts at 11 PM EST. I will be talking about this blog, and also be talking about another online Disney audio show that I co-host with Brandon Struve called the Super Obscure Show. Be sure to tune in at 11 PM EST over at!

Question of the day: For those who have visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which do you like better; regular Butterbeer or frozen Butterbeer?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 22 - 6/26/10

Today Sidney and I went out swimming, which is great to do on these hot summer days in Orlando. It also is great for my exercising. That's basically all I've done today. Short update, but like I said, nothing too exciting is gonna happen everyday.

But that past 24 hours have been very exciting in regards to the blog! I am completely humbled by all the responses and words of encouragement, as I said in the last post. Thanks to each and every one of you! I may not be able to respond to every comment, message, or email I get, but know that I appreciate and read every single one!

Question of the day: What is your favorite way to cool off during the summer?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank you all so much!

I just want to thank everyone who is supporting me through this! I am amazed and touched by all the positive feedback I have gotten from the Yahoo article! As much as all of you are saying that I am inspiring you, at the same time you all are inspiring me. I will not let you or myself down, I will ride Forbidden Journey by the end of the year!

An update on what's been going on. I just got hired to work at M&M's World in the Florida Mall as a character/character buddy! And really, what a great place to work while on this diet, lol! Really though, I am very grateful for this job opportunity, and I will post on here my schedule once everything is finalized so that you may come and visit me if you'd like!

Continuing walking everyday, always around the parks. I find that is the best way to motivate me to keep walking. I get to enjoy being in the parks and taking in the sights, while at the same time getting lots of walking done. At the end of the month I will weigh myself and post it here as an update, and will post new weight updates at the end of every month.

Again, thank you all for all the love and support! I truly appreciate all of the kind words and encouragements. Question of the day: Out of all of the theme parks in the Orlando area, what is your favorite attraction?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick Update

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Nothing too exciting is happening right now, just continuing on my diet. Walking daily, watching what I eat and how much I eat. I gotta say, giving up soda is the hardest thing. This Saturday will mark two weeks into my diet. I have yet to stand on a scale to see what my weight is, but I think I will wait until the end of the month to do that.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter officially opens on Friday! I am so excited! I love that Universal is streaming the grand opening ceremonies live online, so that those of us who don't want to brave to crowds can see it. For those following me here, you too can watch the event at this website;

Question of the day: Where are all of you from? I'm curious to know what states or countries those of you who are following me here are from. Leave your answer in the comments below.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 6 - 6/10/10

Well I still do not fit onto Forbidden Journey, but I never expected to so quickly. Yesterday I went back to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to try out the test seat again, but this time I didn't even get one click. The girl at the test seat (inside near loading) told me they aren't supposed to force the restraint down to try and get clicks. This coupled with the fact my friend got onto the ride with two clicks makes me believe they really don't have their stuff straight when it comes to bigger muggles.

Oh well, I'm not here to complain, just enlighten. So far I'm doing well with cutting back on what I eat and the amount I eat. Also walking daily and getting ready to start swimming daily.

Had another guest recognize me yesterday while at Potter. As soon as they let day guests into Potter in the morning, I walk past these two girls at the entrance near the Hogwarts Express. They were both hugging each other and one was crying, excited to finally be able to get into Hogsmeade. It was a sweet moment. The girl crying looks up and immediately recognizes me from this blog and gives me a high five, telling me that I'm doing a great job. It's support like this that will help me get through all of this, and I completely appreciate it!

Alright, here is the question of the day: If you have had the great fortune of experiencing The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, what is your favorite part about it? Is it one of the attractions, shops, or shows? Or is it the amount of detail that went into it? Leave me a comment below with your answer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Days 2 & 3 - 6/6/10 & 6/7/10

Hey everyone, sorry for the delayed update. I had a busy past two days, and by the time I would get home late night, I was too exhausted to post anything. Expect this to happen a lot on days when I'm either busy or nothing of importance happens.

That said, let's start with Sunday. Several of my close friends/co-workers from & others stayed at a Universal hotel and got to go into Potter Sunday morning. Because the rooms were full, I showed up as a day guest hoping that they would let us into Potter like they had been the past several days. Unfortunetly, Forbidden Journey went down as soon as day guests were let into the park, so we were not allowed in that day.

I sat outside Potter for several hours waiting for my friends to come out when they were done. During this time, though, I was recognized three times for this blog. It's great that word is getting out, and I love having all this support.

But then a funny thing happened. Forbidden Journey became operational again, and my friend Tom got into the ride vehicle and only got two clicks. The attendant asked if he felt okay, he said yes, and they sent him through the ride. Mine and others theories are that since he was on the loading platform in the vehicle, they didn't want to stop the moving platform and let him out, because it would essentially bring the entire attraction to a grinding halt. So if they are able to get guests into the test seat and they only get two clicks, they just tell them they can't ride and need three clicks. Honestly, this does not upset me, I can understand where they are coming from. We will find out what happens when I go back after the grand opening June 18.

The rest of the day consisted of walking around Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios before heading home for a quick shower and change, because it was HOT and HUMID. We then met up at Magic Kingdom for the first night of Summer Nightastic at Walt Disney World.

I got to see the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade, which I hadn't seen since 1999. I also saw the Summer Nightastic Fireworks Spectacular, which is by far the best fireworks display Disney has ever done! More walking around the park, riding some rides, and then it was back home to collapse on the bed.

Monday was another full day of walking around the parks. Started off at Hollywood Studios where I got to see the updates Disney did to Tower of Terror for Summer Nightastic. Now for those who really know me, I am a HUGE Tower of Terror fan, so I was excited to see what they did to my favorite attraction. Let me just say they did not disappoint. It was AMAZING! I have never been so scared during the drop sequence since when I first rode it in 1997. Won't spoil anything, but you need to check it out!

I then went back to Magic Kingdom to take Sidney to see the Parade and Fireworks, since she hasn't seen them yet. My good friend Elliott was DJing the Club 626 Dance Party in Tomorrowland and I was filming shots for him, so he got us a special viewing place for the fireworks atop Astro Orbiter. Great spot to view the fireworks!

After more walking around the park, we left and went home. All in all, the past two days I got a LOT of walking done. It's great having access to the local parks here because I can just go and walk around without riding anything for exercise, and really enjoy the walk through these themed lands.

So that was my busy past two days. Thanks for everyone who said hi to me and support me with this blog. Again, I can't guarantee that I will post about every single day, but I'll try.

I want to do something interactive. I want to know what everyone's favorite place to walk is. It can be a neighborhood, local park, or one of the many theme parks in the area. But tell me why you like to take a walk in that particular place.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 1 - 6/5/10

Today I officially started my mission. I went to Wal-Mart and bought some new groceries, and than from noon-2 I walked from my apartment to Downtown Disney and back. The total distance was 5.2 miles, and it took just under 2 hours to complete.

That's pretty much all I did today. Starting off slow, but will be adding to it as time goes by. I thought I would answer some questions I saw in the comments from my introduction, so here goes!

First of all, thank you so much for all of the support and words of encouragement. It's so heartwarming knowing that everyone is behind me, and that some of you are even going to follow me and do your own mission. I hope this is a success not only for me, but for all of you out there!

I had someone ask me what my chest and waist sizes are. Luckily I just had them measured in April for my best friend's wedding, so they are fairly recent numbers. My chest size is 52, and my waist is 50.

At the moment I am starting off with the Slim Fast plan. I have 3 snacks a day (fruits, veggies, and/or a Slim Fast bar), drink 2 Slim Fast shakes a day, and eat 1 sensible meal. I also plan on walking and/or swimming everyday for 2 hours.

Someone who actually works at Forbidden Journey posted a comment saying "Will be following your quest and look forward to your subsequent visits! This is really a positive outlook and a shining example of the attitude we wish we encountered more. Not that the seat's aren't really restrictive as they are. -sad face- Good luck muggle!" Reading that totally made my day!

That's it for day 1! Tomorrow I will actually be going to Universal with some of my friends/co-workers from I hope that I am able to get into the Wizarding World at park open so that I may do my first video post of me trying out the test seats. After that we are going to the Magic Kingdom for the first night of Summer Nightastic, where we will see the Main Street Electrical Parade! I will be getting a lot of walking done tomorrow, so that will be a big help!

Friday, June 4, 2010


My name is Banks Lee, and I'm a big guy. Not obese, but still big. I'm 6'2" and weigh roughly around 310 lbs. Why am I telling you this? Because I am not able to fit onto the new Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey attraction at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL.

But don't worry. This blog is not to criticize Universal Orlando for not making the ride vehicles roomier. No, this blog is to chronicle my journey to get into shape and lose enough weight to be able to get on Forbidden Journey. Even when I achieve this goal, it doesn't mean that I'm going to stop exercising or eating right.

Now, Forbidden Journey is not the only ride I have problems getting on, but it is the only ride I am not able to get on. I still fit (albeit pretty tightly) in the bigger seats on other attractions like Hulk, Dragon's Challenge & Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit. This mission is also going to help me not have to always ask for the bigger seats on those rides, and finally allow me to sit in the front rows!

You may be wondering where the name comes from. In the test seats at Forbidden Journey, in order to be able to ride, the over-the-shoulder restraint must click down three times. At the time of starting this blog, I'm able to get two clicks, but only with a lot of help by a Universal Team Member working at the attraction.

So that's basically it! I will try to make one post per day, and plan on doing one video update a week. Thanks to everyone for the support, this is a long time coming for me. I've never really had the motivation to do this, so I'm excited to see where this will go!