Friday, August 20, 2010

My Healthy Future

Spaceship Earth gave me a look at my future in health! Maybe one day it will be this easy.

Things are moving forward. Really starting to feel better, both mentally & physically! Gonna try to ride Forbidden Journey again next Friday when some friends of mine come into town for WDWNT: The Weekend. Will update everyone on how it goes on my Twitter and Facebook!

This past week I also won a free 2GB iPod Shuffle at work! It has been the perfect thing to take on my walks. Really glad I got it!

Question of the day: What do you like to take on walks?


  1. I'm not a big walker outside but I love my own iPod Shuffle for the treadmill and elliptical. I change up the playlist once a week and set it to random so I don't learn the plylist by heart and get sick of it.

    Good for you for feeling better! Good luck next week on Forbidden Journey! I'm on a journey of my own so I don't have to wiggle my way into or out of Space Mountain.


  2. A Golden Retriever and an open mind.

  3. Where did you get that video made Banks? When we went to Epcot in February we went on Spaceship Earth and they had a similar interactive video thing at the end of the ride. Do they make those available for purchase or is it online somewhere? I think it's really cute!

  4. There are kiosks at the exit of the ride where you can pick your picture and enter your email, then they will send it to you for free to download! It's a really neat idea!

  5. I'd like to offer my own weight loss tip: drink lots of water. I learned that whatever weight you are at, you should totally drink a certain amount... for my weight (240) I'm told to drink about 3 1/2 liters of water per day. Apparently the best way to flush excess fluids and fat from our bodies is to drink MORE water to compensate. Weird, right? :)

    Also, kudos on the second click. I hope to see you soon there, good luck!

  6. I take my iphone to walk and listen to the wdwnt podcast. good luck.

  7. When I walked every day right when I start losing weight, I took my iPod with audio books loaded. It was a great way to zone out and not think about the discomfort of lugging my big self around. I found one of my favorite books, though, not one I hadn't read before, that I knew would hold my interest. It was 12 hours long, and that lasted me two weeks of walks.

  8. Great job Banks! It is good to hear that not only are you loosing pounds but you are feeling better mentally and physically. I started out like you, loosing weight for one goal and got hooked getting in shape. It is really cool to hear about your progress.

    When I go on my runs (they are not walks, but it's sort of the same thing) I wear a waist pack called a hydration pack which carries a bottle for fluids which I would reccomend if you are walking in high heat (especially in the humidity of Florida) or if you are going a long way. Also, be sure to always carry your ID and a small amount of cash (like $20) in case of an emergency.

    The most important thing to bring with you is your common sense. Safety is probably the biggest concern if you are walking along roadways with traffic. Be careful with the IPod. While they are great fun, they can easily tune out the rest of the world like the screeching tires of a car, police sirens, etc.. Just a few weeks ago I saw someone almost get hit because she was running with an IPod and not watching traffic, so just be careful. I would suggest keeping the volume low or, better yet, wear only one earpiece so the other is open to the sounds outside.

    Best of luck!

    -Travis C.
    1 YEAR - 100 POUNDS - 1 MARATHON

  9. When I walk, I used to like to listen to music on my iPhone. However, what I have found REALLY enjoyable on my walks is listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks. Have you ever listened to them? The guy who reads them (Jim Dale) is so good! He does different voices for each character. He is really great and brings the books to life.

    I walk 3 miles each day (am doing the same thing as you so I can fit on HP & Forbidden Journey in Dec.) and listening to the books makes the time FLY - way better than music. They last a while too. I have been walking for 3 months now and started w/ book 1. I just started book 4. Books 4-7 will last a long time since they are much longer than books 1-3.

    The audiobook CDs are expensive, but I purchased them all. If you like, let me know and I'd be happy to burn and send you CDs of the first book (and others) if you want to try loading it on your new iPod and listening to it on your walk. I think you would love it! :)

    Feel free to email me (via the email contact on the main page of my blog - since your comments don't give me a place to put my email) if you are interested! Great job Banks!! :)

  10. I still don't have an mp3 player, so I take my husband on walks. It's a great time for us to catch up without the distraction of chores, TV, computer, or our rambunctious kitties.

  11. My pedometer! I carry it as many places as I can - I read that everyone should walk 10,000 steps a day and it's a great way to (perhaps literally) motivate me to go the extra mile.

    I also love to listen to upbeat music or soothing music if that gets overwhelming, and it's always more fun to walk with a friend.

    Best of luck to you - your project is such a cool idea and I admire your efforts :)

  12. Pedometer, a bottle of drink in a holder, and an MP3 player with jazzy music to help me walk faster! (And in REALLY humid weather, a small towel to wipe my face.....)

  13. My dog, my ipod and my Aunt. I love taking my dog for walks. She loves it so much. When I'm alone I have to have my ipod. I put on my Training Day (all my playlists are named after titles that have something to do with what's on the list) playlist and get going. It's all music that gets me motivated and pumped up. It also has a pedometer and lots of cool things. Then, I usually always have my Aunt though with me. I get awfully lazy when I walk by myself but having my Aunt keeps me entertained and striving harder. O and Water of course. Gotta have that High Quality H2O.

  14. my dog and my camera, you see the weirdest things while you're out walking.

  15. If you walk outside the moment right after the sun comes up, then the birds sing really loudly and you can enjoy the cool weather! I sometimes bring my iPod when I walk, but sometimes just walking is fine! I hate walking but when the time and weather is exactly right, it's not so bad.

  16. Shelly Kraus, IowaAugust 24, 2010 at 2:03 PM

    Keep up the good work Banks. I can't wait to hear how you make out when you try the ride again. You are inspiring......

  17. I've been walking to and from work (round trip is 5.1 miles) everyday in my own effort to lose weight and fit on Forbidden Journey when I go in October. I MUUUUST have my ipod shuffle with me or it's a disaster, lol. Maybe it's the musical theatre nerd in me, but having music gets me through the most gruelling workouts - it pumps me up and distracts me from how hard my workout is or how long the walk may be I'm on. Lets me daydream a little. :)

    Also, while at Disney/WWoHP in October, I told one of my friends that I plan to get up early to workout and am hoping to find a way to keep my walks up as well. Did you mention before that you walk around the park and it's about 5 miles? I'm staying at Coronado - any route you'd recommend for something close to 5 miles for a nice morning walk while I'm there?

    Glad to hear it's going well!! :)

  18. Way to go! I am so excited for you and a new future!!

    I love walking and have just this year taken up jogging.. I take my troubled mind on long walks and jogs (as well as my iTunes)
    By the time I am back home and showering I feel like my mind has had time to think through many of the problems I'm having.

  19. GOOD FOR YOU!!! When progress is made not too rapidly in terms of weight loss, it means you're doing the right thing. No diet pills, drinks, etc. as they can have dangerous side-effects later on even if the benefits are immediate. Exercise and healthy tasty food are the way to keep it off. I'm really proud of the progress you're serves as an example in positivity, patience and perseverance.

    As for what I take on walks:

    Normally I run, or I should say I run every day because it's my sport. I don't take anything with me because I have to listen to my own breathing and keep it in check so that my form is in check (bad running form can lead to injury). But, when I do go for walks (on top of running that day) I bring a camera and sometimes I'll listen to my iPod. But I like to bring my camera especially near the bay because as I walk along the coastline I end up at the port & shipping area...and I am OBSESSED with big ships so I have a lot of photos of them.

  20. Hey Banks, I love taking my ipod for a walk also. It has been a great motivator in my weight loss journey. Best of luck to you!


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